Social Innovation Summit 2014 – New York City

UN Plaza

Attended our second Social Innovation Summit (SIS) last week. Love this crowd. This is where you see how the social good movement is leading to actual changes in the business world. It’s exciting folks! Make it to one if you can.

Below are some of our favorite thoughts and soundbites from the conference:

“You can’t have a healthy business without a healthy society.”
“Social media will drive social purposes. People have the tools to hold companies accountable.”
Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Officer, Unilever – @keithweed

“Yogurt won’t change the world. But, how we make it just might.”
Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder & CEO, Chobani, explaining how their philanthropic mission & manufacturing commitment is central to their operations. @hamdiulukaya

“I may be small, but I have a big story to tell.”
10-year old Vivienne Harr, on the floor of the UN, who used her lemonade stand, Make a Stand, to raise $100,000 to combat child slavery. @vivienneharr

“We need to speak to the heart before we speak to the mind. Story engages. As people, we connect with people, and nothing does that better than story.”
Patrick Moreau, Founder, Still Motion – @stillmotion

“Imagine a world where our largest corporations understand their broader responsibility to humanity, not just short-term quarterly numbers.”
Ron Shaich, Founder & CEO, Panera – @shaich

“Our corporate purpose at CVS is ‘Helping people on a pathway to better health.’ With that clarity, it’s easy to see tobacco is not consistent with that purpose.”
Eileen Howard Boone, SVP Corporate Communications & Community Relations, CVS, detailing the reasons for CVS’ landmark decision to pull tobacco products from their shelves by October 2014. Potentially costing them $2 billion, but it was “the right thing to do.” @EileenBooneCSR

“Millennials don’t just want a job. They want that job to have purpose.”
Jessica Alba, Founder, The Honest Company – @jessicaalba

That’s just some of what we could catch. Were you there? What about you? What are some of your takeaways?

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