Every Company Already Has A Hidden Innovation Department

It’s paid for. It’s extremely insightful. It’s right under your nose, but typically untapped.

It’s your new hires and the onboarding process.

Unfortunately, most companies miss this opportunity because this season in the workplace is largely defined by talking, not listening. Companies want to cram content and training down their throats as quickly as possible to “get them up to speed.”

Is a quick copycat of what you already have really the highest value? Maybe some high-level context & team connection is more critical than content? What new insights might you discover?

Remember, they’re knowledgeable of the field. After all, they certainly assessed and considered your competitors before starting with you. They’re skilled & capable. You hired them, right?

Welcome them. Help them get started, but do not crush the insights and discoveries they can offer from their unique and fleeting perspective. Being free of “that’s the way we do things here” is exactly where breakthrough insights come from.

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Training & Development

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