Employees – the Most Authentic Campaign You’ll Ever Have

I was in a conversation recently, and so much of the talk was CSR as an external-facing effort, i.e. brand positioning, impressions, etc. Interesting. Where do employees live? In the community. At times, literally next door to customers. Does your CSR strategy acknowledge that?

92% of US customers in recent Havas Media research stated they wouldn’t care if a brand disappeared tomorrow. Maybe PR driving CSR isn’t working so well?

What if CSR started internally by empowering the voice of employees to invest in their communities, and emanated out from the company? Wouldn’t that be more genuine? Might that engage your employees and better connect with your customers? That’s what we’re equipping companies to do. It’s certainly more meaningful, and capturing the hearts of all involved. Those are the impressions we care about.

Posted on May 11, 2014 in CSR, Employee Engagement

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