Employee Engagement – Does It Really Matter?

“Employees most committed to their organizations put in 57% more effort and are
87% less likely to resign than employees who consider themselves disengaged.”
The Corporate Executive Board

Some points to ponder on those stats:

57% more effort
– According to Gallup, 70% of the workforce is some level of disengaged.
– Your office is better though, right? Let’s say only 50% disengaged.
– What’s your revenue per employee?
– With increased engagement, the effect could be similar to half your workforce boosting their capacity by 57%.

87% less likely to resign
– The costs of turnover range widely depending on what criteria are included, but a conservative estimate is that it costs 1.5x a person’s salary to replace them.
– So, one person at a $60,000 salary who stays committed and with the company is the equivalent of saving $90,000.

Not a bad boost in return on assets you’re already paying for, just from getting people connected and on mission. Are you taking engagement seriously?

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Employee Engagement

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