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Seize Corporate Social “Opportunity”

Employee and Consumer sentiment is running ahead of what current CSR models are designed to deliver. Now is the time to innovate, not iterate. There’s a huge market of talent and customers looking for companies of all sizes to step up. How Compelling Is “Responsibility” After All? Didn’t we hear that term constantly as we…

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Employee Engagement Is Not a Business Issue

Hang on. I don’t mean companies don’t feel the effects of engagement. I just mean it’s a human issue – before it’s anything else. Business is easily the most incentivized place to address engagement since it costs them $450-$550 Billion annually (Gallup), but trust me, we all pay a price. No one spends 8 hours…

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Why Isn’t Corporate Responsibility Your Main Employee Engagement Strategy?

CSR has to advance its methods. It’s painful so many people find out about their company’s CSR efforts when they open an email or hear a speech announcing, “We’ve chosen something great for you!” Really? Where do employees live? In the community. They’re invested. Ask them what they care about! We have so many tools…

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Employee Engagement – Does It Really Matter?

“Employees most committed to their organizations put in 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to resign than employees who consider themselves disengaged.” The Corporate Executive Board Some points to ponder on those stats: 57% more effort – According to Gallup, 70% of the workforce is some level of disengaged. – Your office is…

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Employees – the Most Authentic Campaign You’ll Ever Have

I was in a conversation recently, and so much of the talk was CSR as an external-facing effort, i.e. brand positioning, impressions, etc. Interesting. Where do employees live? In the community. At times, literally next door to customers. Does your CSR strategy acknowledge that? 92% of US customers in recent Havas Media research stated they…

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Trust Attracts

Most large companies design policies around the lowest common denominator of employee behavior and protect against what they “could” do. Looking at the landscape, the defensiveness seems to be a self-reinforcing philosophy. It’s exactly the behavior they’re getting. Management often operates between polarities. Maybe you’ve been burned a few times. Has the pendulum swung too…

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